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1320 Wraps by Fineline

In the racing arena, wraps are becoming a popular low-cost means of putting forth a winning, quality operation on the race track. And by using 1320 Wraps by Fineline, you get the award-winning look so many racers strive for but usually fall short with either paint or other wrap companies.

Car wraps are an unbeatable value. We are able to design, print and install your vehicle wraps at a reasonable price, much less than a traditional paint job.

1320 Wraps by Fineline offers an innovative method of getting that perfect look on your door car, dragsters, altered, or Jr. Dragster. Using a wrap the proper way, allows you to spotlight those companies who support your team, or that perfect design you have always looked for.

The car graphic industry is one of the fastest growing and most economical ways to create eye-catching graphics or provide avenues for a sponsor message.

It is time to get those advertising dollars working for you. By applying those dollars to a custom-designed Fineline car wrap or fleet graphics, it will give your business a moving billboard and take advantage of a cost-effective and broad-reaching advertising and marketing tactic.

Using only the industry-best color inks and precise printing technology, 1320 Wraps by Fineline will help you get your point across like never before. With our state-of-the-art latex printing technology, and using only 3M’s highest industry standard materials and laminates, we can produce virtually any design.

Graphics will last. Using 3M vinyl and latex printing technology, it comes with a minimum three-year warranty and is designed to last five to seven years; and that is based on everyday vehicle wraps. With a race application, the life-expectancy of the graphics will be even longer.

1320 Wraps by Fineline can also handle the entire installation of the graphics at its indoor facility, or come to your shop, or next event at your local track.

1320 Wraps by Fineline has the experience, capabilities and customer service to meet your signage needs. Let us help turn your vision into reality. To get started now, give John Miller, our racing graphics representative, and he will help you begin building your project.

Why To Use A Wrap:
  • Affordable and cost effective method.
  • Protects the vehicle - Vinyl wraps actually protect the vehicle exterior which help create a higher residual value.
  • Provides marketing exclusivity since you own the space and have the ability to control the advertising.
  • Allows for wide-color gamut and anything is possible
  • Allows for flexibility in design and ability to modify on a yearly, or every few years to keep a fresh new appearance.